About Us

Horticultural College and Research Institute Alumni Association (HCRIAA) is an exclusive platform for all the agricultural graduates to inspire and motivate the existing prospects, to make an impact on the society via networking and contribution.

The Horticultural College and Research Institute, Periyakulam, is the only full-fledged Institute providing horticulture education in Southern Peninsular India. Endowment of students qualified from HCRI, Periyakulam, is evident from its talented and diversified alumni that exists today. The graduates have widely-spread throughout the globe in search for growth, learning, knowledge and their performances make difference everywhere. Alumni are the brand-ambassadors of the institution they graduated from. An institute without the inclusion of its alumnus is futile inside. Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is crucial to an institution's success.

An institute's alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future. With this credence, Horticultural College and Research Institute Alumni Association (HCRIAA) now yearns to take sides with its Alumni for the next career move, the next big trip, the next crucial contact, and everything in between–For What Comes Next with.

The aspirations of HCRIAA are:

  • To connect the diversified, experienced and winning alumni under one umbrella to mobilize a great number of opportunities to the the fullest.
  • To serve as a platform for the Alumni to Give-Back to their institution the leanings that they acquired from it; with renewed and fruitful learning they experienced in life enriching it further.
  • With the advent of Social Media, alumni relationship has taken a different flavour altogether. To harness the power of alumni through various networking platforms.
  • Alumni to assist the students in strengthening confidence and inculcate the right culture in line with what the university intends to convey to its students.
  • Alumni to support the students by mentoring them on their career opportunities.
  • Alumni to encourage greater collection of funds enabling the establishment of scholarships, supporting students’ activities, clubs and associations expeditions and support innovative improvements at the university.
  • Alumni to associate with the University to break new frontiers in the society both professionally and morally.

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